7 Twitter accounts to start following right this second

Friday, Feb 26

If you’re anything like us, when you aren’t on the court, you’re daydreaming in your cubicle about being on the court.  To help facilitate your desk-side daydreams, we surveyed the Tennis Canada’s office to find out what Twitter accounts our tennis-obsessed staff spent the most time scrolling through!  Don’t worry, you’ll get back to those files piling up on your desk in just a minute, or two, or, later.

1. Account: Nike Court, @NikeCourt

Bio: Serving you the complete ceremony of Tennis, from on-court to off-court, this is your inside access.

Why it’s an ACE: If we ever fall down some sort of Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole, we pray that it leads to the fantastical world of Nike Court, where the gear is fierce and hard-hitting pros are plentiful. Sprinkle in a series of inspirational quotes like, “Let power fuel your progress,” we’re certain that if there was a way to program our phone to read us this feed as we came to, we would download the app.





2. Account: Ratazana, @ratazana

Bio: 99% tennis. 1% raccoon. 

Why it’s an ACE: Tournament play-by-plays interrupted by fascinating updates regarding raccoons living in Canada, we love Ratazana’s take on tennis coverage. Miss a match? A quick scroll down his feed will have you caught up in no time.




3. Account: Canada’s Tennis News, @CdnTennisNews

Bio: All of the news about #CdnTennis over the ATP, the WTA & the ITF Pro Circuit

Why it’s an ACE: Rounding up the best tweets from the tennis circuit, Canada’s Tennis News will make you feel proud to be a Canuck.



4. Account: Brad Gilbert, @bgtennisnation

Bio: Official Site of Brad Gilbert: Sports Fan, ESPN Tennis Analyst, Tennis Coach, Best-Selling Author, Sports Knowledge

Why it’s an ACE: He has coached the best of the best, including but not exclusive to Agassi, Murray and Roddick, and even with a resume like that Gilbert makes time for everyone! If you’re a tennis junkie that has a pressing question, ask him! From your game form to queries about pros climbing the ranks, the most generous online coach makes time to answer anything and everything related to the sport.


5. Account: Max, @MGLovesTennis

Bio: Hi, I’m Max. I’m a 13-year-old with a burning passion for tennis. I’m also a co-editor for VAVEL USA. My personal blog is: http://mglovestennis.wordpress.com 

Why it’s an ACE: We can’t get enough of this teenager! No longer just an aspiring tennis writer, Max’s coverage of the game is next to none.  From in-depth interviews to the most endearing player selfies, Max loves the game so much that even his Friday nights (unlike most people his age) are spent on-court.






6. Account: Fila Tennis, @FilaTennis

Bio: Official Twitter of Fila Tennis. 105 years in business and the first to bring you colour on court. Welcome to the action… Get inside tennis here.

Why it’s an ACE: For those that are a sucker for tennis style, this fashion-forward account is for you. Serving up the strongest on-court looks, this account will make you want to clean out your closet and start from scratch. You FILA’n us?



7. Account: Milos Raonic’s Hair, @Milos_Hair 

Bio: I am Milos Raonic’s hair. My goals : Looking good and retain unwanted sweat. The original account – Approved by Milos

Why it’s an ACE: That hair! Someone had to start tweeting solely about that hair! And we’re so happy they started doing it with just the right dose of humour and grace.  An enjoyable way for Raonic fans to catch up on all things Raonic (including his latest hairstyles, of course), this account will not only feed your Raonic pride, it may even inspire a quick trip to the barber! #swearbythehair


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